"Women's Association Platinum Course" 牛 Steak & Rakuto cheese ♪ 2.5H Drink 4980 yen

"Women's Association Platinum Course" 牛 Steak & Rakuto cheese ♪ 2.5H Drink 4980 yen
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Petite luxurious platinum course! With popular raclette cheese! Served with authentic raw ham from Palma and 1 pound steak (450 g / 4 American ribs / 4 fruits), fish from mushrooms and pasta that can be chosen ☆ Perfect for the gourmet girls' party on the way home from work.(It is available for men + 500 yen.All-you-can-drink 2 hours on Friday, Saturday, and public holidays)


"Women's Association Platinum Course"

◆ Palma Production Ham Salad

◆ Mushroom fried

◆ Raclette cheese (with seasonal vegetables, bucket, sausage)

◆ American Ribulose Steak

◆ Capricious pizza (real Napoli pizza ☆ stone kiln)

◆ Whimpest pasta

◆ Plenty of vitamins ♪ Assorted fruits

※ If you have any requests about cuisine, please feel free to contact us.

* Cooking may change due to purchase of the day.

※ If you have a birthday / anniversary, you can reserve in advance

We will prepare a dessert plate for free.For more information ★ Staff

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  • Girls' party course ★ that pleasures raclette cheese ★
    All day drinks for 2.5 hours a day ~ trees!
    3980/4980 yen

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      ★ Women's Association Platinum Course 4980 yen with beef steak / 3 people / / Fri, Saturday, 2 hours before dinner drinks available / card OK / men + 500 yen available / other tickets and services can not be combined

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of February 2018